Crowdfire Black Friday 2023 Deals – Save Maximum on all Plans!

Have you heard of a social media tool? No? Thought as much, even we were taken aback when we first heard about such tools. Social media tools are used by individuals or business enterprises to engage people to bolster their social media presence and thereby strive for growth.

Crowdfire is a powerful and one of the leading social media tools that are used by celebrities and athletes alike to manage their social media accounts. Empowered by its “Clean-Engage-Grow” philosophy, Crowdfire enables individuals or enterprises to be on the track for insurmountable growth.

Crowdfire Black Friday Deals: Best Offers

This application that has multi-platform access is offering huge discounts on its Annual as well as monthly plans this Black Friday! Crowdfire has announced to offer of a 50% discount on its annual plans while offering a 25% discount on its monthly plans. Let’s take a look at where the financials stand after the humongous discount rates are applied.

Annual Plans:

PlansRegular TariffTariff after discount
Plus$ 7.48 / mo$ 3.74 / mo
Premium$ 37.48 / mo$ 18.74 / mo
VIP$ 74.98 / mo$ 37.49 / mo

Monthly plans:

PlansRegular TariffTariff after discount
Plus$ 9.99 / mo$ 7.49 / mo
Premium$ 49.99 / mo$ 37.49 / mo
VIP$ 99.99 / mo$ 74.99 / mo

Apart from the VIP, premium, and lastly plus plans, Crowdfire offers a free trial plan, to begin with. This free plan offers the benefits of the paid plans so that users can pick and choose according to their preferences. Got to say, Crowdfire does know what they are doing! Let’s just skip to the main part, the plans; it is evident that if you enter into a long-lasting relationship with Crowdfire you benefit from it.

Plans & Their Benefits:

The free plan has limited features (well obviously!), it allows just 10 posts on each account, and nevertheless, content along with image curation is unlimited, even though it lacks a host of other features. For small business owners, the Plus plan is more than rewarding, as it allows up to 1000 posts in each account. However, features such as scheduling calendar view and bulk scheduling are amiss in both the free and “plus plans”.

So if you are all geared up to purchase the premium or the VIP plan, you would need to shell out $ 49.99 per month and $ 99.99 per month respectively. The premium plaid and the VIP plans are designed for medium and large businesses respectively.

Crowdfire does an excellent job as it ensures engagement from your audience by displaying active, curated posts. You have total power over your posts, you can schedule them, and you possess the option of picking the platforms where you choose to share them. Lastly, you also have the option of analyzing the reports along with the analytics to understand the growth curve you are subject to. It also has extensions for Chrome, that notify you whenever you have an important at marked up on your calendar.

Use Crowdfire to schedule your posts and get ready before D-day, Crowdfire saves a lot of time and effort, further, you can use it for retweets and reposts.

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