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Barring a few of us, everybody could use some help with writing in the English language, whether that be preparing a report or simply writing up an email. There are thousands of words in the English language and churning them to find the perfect fit is a task field with errors, so much so that errors are not a question of ‘if’ but a question of ‘when’, it is inevitable.

Grammarly is one of the best tools for checking grammar and spelling along with sentence structure, let’s see why.

A Brief Information About Grammarly – Review & Coupon

Grammarly is available in the form of a standalone app and even as a browser extension that checks the grammar along with spelling and punctuation marks in your writing. Apart from this, there are also additional features that check the word choices followed by the structure of these sentences and the context that the writing style follows. The app can be used; however, I find the browser extension more preferable as it checks for errors as a piece is being written. “It’s an online service that quickly and easily makes you sound like a pro or at least helps you avoid looking like a fool”, this is what Forbes had to say about Grammarly.

Grammarly 25% discount

Website Design of Grammarly:

The website design of Grammarly is absolutely on point; it is simple, fast, and has a very friendly UI owing to the simplicity of the website. The menu bar on the left of the screen hosts four options, namely Grammarly, Account, Apps, and Premium. The account tab handles the personal information of a particular user while Grammarly is supposedly the homepage of the website. The apps section contains the various applications for Microsoft Office, Chrome, and many more platforms. The rest of the screen contains the documents that have been uploaded by the user to be checked for errors.

How Grammarly Works?

Upon adding the Grammarly extension to Chrome or Firefox, or installing the application on the computer, it uses the LMS integration module to check grammar or other contextual errors in real-time. It further offers the option of correcting those errors. This is simply an outstanding tool for ardent writers who need to write loads of content daily. The LMS integration module ensures that the content is not erroneous and thereby saves time for a writer in terms of editing and reviewing.

Plagiarism check:

Detecting plagiarism is an inherent feature of the premium version as it scours billions of pages for similarity index. It is of particular significance to those writing academic books or journals. It has a robust engine used for detecting plagiarism and even at the slightest hint of plagiarism, the engine notifies the user. Employees who employ academic writers or ghost-writers for that matter would find this feature quite useful.

Grammarly Cards:

At the core of designing Grammarly, there lies an educational motive, and that is expressed through the use of Grammarly cards. It does not just highlight errors or correct them, but it also explains a note attached to the card that explains why or how that expression is an error. The fastidiousness of eh results obtained by using Grammarly is often mesmerizing. The cards point out even the tiniest of mistakes, namely

  • Misuse of commas
  • Repeating words
  • Long sentences
  • Erroneous writing style
  • Fragile adjective use

The best part of it all is that Grammarly offers synonyms and context-optimized alternatives.

Performance statistics:

The performance statistics are available once the document is uploaded. There is a column on the extreme right section of the screen that displays the various nuances with writing, namely correctness, delivery, clarity, and lastly engagement. Apart from these details, Grammarly also provides an overall score in the form of a percentile, it displays the total percentile on which the current writing is placed following Grammarly’s history of uploads. It further allows you to set goals, namely Audience, formality, domain, and tone.

Preferred language:

The language setting of Grammarly can be changed by visiting, my account settings. In my account settings select customize, then select the appropriate language setting as per your requirement and then Grammarly would follow that selected writing style in all of its products

Degree of customization:

It is quite evident that Grammarly allows you to customize your style of writing making it apt for the type of audience you would be catering to. Further, you even possess the option to add frequent words that you use, even if they are not real words. This does indeed display a high degree of customization.

Grammarly Discount 2021 – Price & Plans


There are four pricing modes available in Grammarly, the free version of the app, followed by the monthly, quarterly, or annual suite. The free subscription just checks the spelling or grammar of uploaded content.

  • The monthly plan is quite expensive, billed a $ 29.95 per month
  • The quarterly bill, as opposed to the monthly bill, is billed at $ 19.98 per month is billed as a single subscription for three months amounting to $ 59.95
  • Lastly, the annual plan, the most affordable plan is billed annually through a single subscription that charges $ 11.66 per month, amounting to $ 139.95.

Grammarly 25% discount

Unfortunately, there are no 30%+ coupons available from Grammarly directly; however, there are certain third-party software and vendors who do advertise having Grammarly discount coupons. For example, there is a website named ‘’ that advertises to have coupons that could get you a 61% discount on the annual Grammarly plans. However, the authenticity of these websites is not verified, and therefore it is recommended that you do not use them.

Pros & Cons of Grammarly:


  • UI is easy and not much to do
  • A high rate of accuracy
  • The free version does not have any restriction or time frame attached to it
  • The grammar tool is quite comprehensive with additional educational perks


  • It works only on Windows and Android
  • The free version is restricted in a lot of ways
  • Advertising is quite frequent

Thus to draw a fair conclusion, Grammarly is an effective tool that has educational perks as its core developmental strategy. However, the major drawbacks are that Grammarly is ineffective for Mac users, this drawback if solved, would make the tool one of the best and the most efficient grammar correction tool on the internet.

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Grammarly Review & Coupon $11.66/Month


Grammarly is the best tool when it comes for checking your Grammatical mistakes. Experts say “If you write anything on Internet You need Grammarly”.


  • Best in Industry
  • Accurate & Reliable
  • Pricing


  • Limited features in Free Trial
  • You get Maximum Discount when you take Annual Plan
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