Intelligynce Review (2023) – Coupon Code

Are you planning to use Intelligynce tool for searching for products on Shopify stores? If yes, then this Intelligynce review is something you should not miss at any cost. Intelligynce is a robust package that will assist you in checking for around thousands of Shopify stores across the globe. Moreover, you can check the highest selling products and that too at a fraction of cost.

Here we have described all the features you will get with Intelligynce software. Also, we will help you in getting a discount so that you can save your hard-earned money while buying Intelligynce subscription. Go through this article to find out why everyone is switching to Intelligynce Shopify searching tool, and what benefits you will get with the subscription package.

Intelligynce Review – February 2023 Coupon

Intelligynce is a superb software package that is easy to use, and you get umpteen benefits with it. With this tool, you can spy on around 200,000 online Shopify stores while checking around 1 million products. Also, you can filter products based on different categories.

The best part about Intelligynce is that you can find highly-selling products on eBay, Amazon, and Shopify, so you get the benefits of searching on all eCommerce portals.  There are multiple options available on the dashboard where you can select Hot Products, Shopify Products, Shopify Stores, Amazon Search, eBay Search, and Store builder that will help you in building your Shopify store.

With Intelligynce, you don’t have to do anything manually. You can even start your own store to start selling products to earn commissions from them. Having Intelligynce subscription will save you from splurging countless hours researching hot-selling products when you can do it with some clicks. Overall, Intelligynce is a decent search tool for Shopify, and if you are planning to earn some money, then this can be the right option for you.

Features Available at Intelligynce:

Now that, you know what Intelligynce is, here are some features explained in detail so that you can make the most out of Intelligynce Shopify Search Tool. We have described every tool in detail, and you will find it pretty easy to understand why Intelligynce is the right tool for you.

1. Store Search Tool

With the Intelligynce store search tool, you can check around 200,000 Shopify stores around the globe. Just a click is enough to search for different stores, and you can also search for top-selling products o them. No manual search is required when you have Intelligynce by your side.

2. Estimated Sales

You can check the estimated sales based on the type of products so that you can earn almost the same from listing that product in your store. Whether high-selling or low-selling products, you will get an estimate of each and every product, and you can choose what products to select and what to leave.

This feature makes Intelligynce a must-have for you if you wish to earn commissions by generating revenue from your Shopify store.

3. Product Search Tool

Searching for the highest-selling products is grueling, and you have to research day and night to find the products that are driving high sales. But with Intelligynce you can check these products in a couple of minutes.

The product research tool will assist you in checking 1 million different products approximately, so you can easily choose what products you need for your store. As a result, you will get better conversions as you are dealing with products that are already selling.

5. Bookmark Folder

So you have searched for the best Shopify store? Now what? Well, with Intelligynce, you can bookmark the stores in your personal folder to use them whenever you need it. Bookmarking the stores makes it easier to check out the finalized Shopify stores on the go. Also, it eliminates the hassles of searching the stores again and again.

6. Robust Filters

Filtering the products will help you to shortlist the products based on multiple factors, including price, sales, and much more. No matter whether the Shopify store you are looking for has a Facebook page or not, still you will be able to check their products when you have Intelligynce tool subscription.

Unquestionable Benefits of Using Intelligynce:

There are innumerable benefits of using Intelligynce, and you can only enjoy these benefits if you have Intelligynce subscription activated on your account.

Here we have described some of the significant benefits you will get with Intelligynce.

Intelligynce Chrome Extension:

With Intelligynce Chrome Extension, you will get access to a variety of features that are readily available to assist you in getting more information about the top-ranking Shopify stores. Here are the features you will get with the chrome extension of Intelligynce.

1. Best Seller

With the best-seller feature, you can check the top five products that are getting the highest sales. By clicking on the product name, the tool will take you to in-depth details for better analysis.

2. Activity View

With the activity view, you can find out how many products a particular Shopify store has launched in a certain period. Also, you will get information about the theme the store is using, and the recent launches the store has planned.

3. SEO

With SEO, you will get more details about the sources to form where the Shopify store is getting traffic. The SEO feature includes organic traffic, and an in-depth overview of real-time stats to help you in transforming your strategy.

4. Store Inspector

Store Inspector is one of the most commendable features you will get with Intelligynce. With this feature, you can check the detailed insights of thousands of Shopify stores along with the price information. Here are some more details about the Store Inspector feature.

5. Estimated Sales Information

You will get precise details of every Shopify store, including the sales the stores, are making by selling products. Moreover, you can use these details to funnel down the highest-selling products to start earning profit quickly and effectively.

6. Store Information

Getting information about a Shopify store isn’t easy unless you have Intelligynce subscription active on your account. With Intelligynce you can check the latest uploaded products on every store, along with the theme a particular store is using and their username too.

7. Installed Apps

Also, you can check what apps the Shopify stores are using to drive more sales. With Intelligynce, you can also get these apps just by checking the details of other stores. Intelligynce will give you precise details of all stores so you will only get the required information and no fuss at all.

8. Social Accounts

With the social accounts feature, you can check the Twitter feed and Facebook page of every Shopify Store. It will help you in understanding the content strategy that is helping them in closing more sales. You can even check the social accounts of the Shopify stores you have bookmarked, so you will get a foolproof strategy for selling more and more products.

9. Traffic Analysis

We know you want more and more traffic on your Store, and that can only be fulfilled if you have Intelligynce subscription. With Intelligynce you will get accurate details about the traffic generated by every Shopify Store.

And that’s not it! You can also check the traffic based on the country, and other factors that can help you in driving more sales. Intelligynce will also assist you with the top referring websites, and the top destination websites from where the traffic is coming.

As a result, you can analyze these details to drive traffic to your store without much effort.

Do You Need Intelligynce Subscription?

Yes, if you are planning to launch your Shopify store, then you need Intelligynce subscription. We will help you in claiming a discount, and therefore you will get Intelligynce subscription for a reasonable price.

Every user who is running a Shopify store needs Intelligynce software package to get more sales. Also, you will get it on a monthly subscription, and you can stop using it once you have finalized a sure-shot strategy to get more sales.

Steps to Claim Intelligynce Discount 50% Offer

We recommend you not to get the offer from any third party as it can be a fraud. The link available on our website is the official link of Intelligynce, and you will be doing the transaction through the official website only.

Here’s the process to claim the discount for Intelligynce Shopify Tool.

  1. Click on this link (add a link here) to go to Intelligynce official website. The link contains the discount coupon, so you don’t have to do anything manually.
  2. Now purchase Intelligynce Subscription and complete the payment.
  3. You will receive an email from Intelligynce, and voila your account is active.

Now you can enjoy searching for millions of products on Shopify. Also, you can spy on multiple stores to generate good sales like them.


Is there any money-back guarantee with Intelligynce?

Ans: No, Intelligynce doesn’t offer any money-back guarantee with the subscription, but you will surely love using this informative tool. In short, the subscription doesn’t come with any money-back guarantee, but you have the freedom to cancel it anytime as it runs on a monthly basis.

Can I try Intelligynce for free?

Ans: Unfortunately, there is no free trial available with Intelligynce, so you cannot use it without opting for the subscription.  Click on this link (add a link here) to get Intelligynce subscription.


Intelligynce Shopify Research Tool is the best thing you can get if you run a Shopify store. Searching for millions of products and analyzing strategies of different stores will assist you in creating a fail-proof strategy to sell more products through your store.

If you go on Intelligynce website directly, then you will not get the discount there. For availing the discount click on the link available below, and it will take you to the official website of Intelligynce.

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