Liquid Web Black Friday Deals 2023 | Get Upto 66% OFF

We all know that liquid web is a high-performance network platform giving us a variety of configurations. But when this comes at a lower price than the other days, we must take the opportunity to reap its benefits. The Black Friday deal provided by LiquidWeb provides such a package catching all our eyes.

 About the Liquid Web Offer:

Liquid Web Black Friday Deals

This offer by Liquid Web is no joke. The deal provides up to 50% discount on web hosting services letting you enjoy the network services for two months in a go. This offer is especially for all those WordPress users along with other internet users wishing for internet security in the market.

Features of this Liquid Web offer:

This deal begins from a base discount rate of 33% and goes up to 50%. However, it can only be availed by people who own discount coupons. So all those holding these coupons, simply use the code CYBERSPECIAL18 to get managed WordPress services for the first six months. It comes with a base disk space of 40GB SSD and a bandwidth of 10 TB. However, customers make sure that they are using Linux software for availing these benefits. Moreover, this offer provides you with inbuilt backups, SSDoS security along with SSD stockpiling. What’s more, you get 100% Network Uptime SLA in this deal!

Liquid Web Black Friday Deal – Discount & Offers

Now for the pricing of the deal. There are three plans or what we all call packages. The base price for this deal is $44.50 a month and can go up to about $145/per month.

Packages offered:

As you know, there are three major packages offered by Liquid Web as per this deal. The first is the Professional plan that comes with 5TB bandwidth and disk space of 50 GB SSD. The second one is a business plan which comes with a bandwidth of 5TB and 100GB SSD disk space storage. This allows you to manage up to 25 websites online. The agency plan can be used by web development agencies and is the most expensive of the lot. It, however, comes with 200 GB SSD storage so better facilities as compared to the business plan.

Final Words!!!

So then why should we all avail of this deal? Well, it’s very simple, Liquid Web provides you with an overwhelming discount and also gives you the facilities of inbuilt backups and internet security. What’s more, you are getting Standard SSDoS protection along with ServerSecure Advanced Security! The cloud portal is completely managed by expert servers and the deal comes with 100% uptime SLA along with a 24 x 7 Monitoring and support team. The availability of such web hosting services in one offer leads us to buy this coupon and get a Liquid Web package deal.

So what is stopping you out there? Simply come to Liquid Web and avail this Black Friday deal which is applicable for all the coupons and members in the market. Give the coupon and buy one package for up to 50% discount to get free credit services for straight two months now.

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