Jungle Scout Black Friday 2019 | 85% Discount on All Plans

Jungle scout prides itself on turning you into the best Amazon seller (quite a steep claim!) through the use of its myriad of efficient tools. They even boast of having access to trusted Amazon data that can be used for analytics. Normally, they provide monthly plans starting at $ 30 for a month; however, their black Friday sale guarantees a whopping 20 % discount on the base price. Users can add chrome extension through Jungle scout.

Activate Black Friday Deal - 85% OFF

Sellers or users of Amazon can find a larger number of product opportunities in Jungle scout. Jungle scout helps to track product records and product databases. Customer support, supplier tracking and storing supplier database is possible through jungle scout. The pricing plan of jungle scout provides 3 options to reach as close as to your customer includes extension, jungle scout and jungle scout with extension.

Jungle Scout Black Friday Deals:

Without a doubt, jungle soft provides one of the best platforms to launch your product on Amazon. It provides resources to launch a product by the spending of $49 per month. A maximum of 500 orders can be given under $49 per month. The seller can buy Jungle scout with a higher range suppose with $79 per month, then they can avail the offer to order more than 650 products per month on Amazon. Chrome extension and score opportunity options are not present under the $49 scheme. Users are free to search as much as they can for a product database and supplier database.

Product tracking and scout of keyword options are also unlimited under this scheme. Email campaigns and product promotions are available for this scheme. Therefore, the product of any seller can be easily visible to any user of Amazon. Users are treated with free emails containing promotional offers and jungle scout discount coupon, this section is displayed at the top of searched products. Tracking of supplier and customer support options are available under this scheme. Builder list-making options and academy options are also present in this scheme.

Activate Black Friday Deal - 85% OFF

Jungle Scout Extension:

The extension can be purchased by paying only $39 per month. The extension helps to provide accurate results based on the user’s searching tendency. Researched data is added to chrome search results. Chrome search results help to easily find the latest researched product. A score of opportunity and 10 search results of the product database is available under a $39 per month package.

Product tracking options for three (3) products and ten (10) searches for supplier databases are available under this extension project. Ten (10) searches for searching through keyword and option for the academy are presented in this package. Customer support for providing any helpful information and give an answer to issues of their customers are presented in this scheme.

Final Words:

The marketing experts of jungle scout have burned their midnight oil to come up with a combined plan of extension and jungle scout facility for a mere $ 69. It helps a seller to lead the online market on Amazon with all other options available and along with 500 orders per month option. Chrome extension, a score of opportunity and product database options are available under this scheme. Product tracking, supplier database and promotion of products are available under this scheme. Customer support for supporting any customer at any time is possible with this scheme.

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