Jungle Scout Discount & Coupon Code 2024 – 81% Off (SEP)

Are you looking for a Jungle Scout Discount Code to save a few bucks on your purchase? Well, you’re at the right place because we have just the thing for you. Here, we have listed working Jungle Scout discount codes to help you save 81% on your purchase.

Jungle Scout Coupon & Review

Jungle Scout is a SaaS company, business management, and research platform to sell products on Amazon. It was Amazon’s first research tool launched. Jungle Scout provides an application for product research, keyword research, email automation, sales analytics, and educational links.

Activate 81% OFF Jungle Scout Discount

However, knowing whether Jungle Scout is perfect for you can be challenging. Therefore, we have reviewed Jungle Scout based on various parameters to clear all your doubts and give you a clear overview. We have also embedded the coupon code to grab it at a massive discount right after you read this post.

So, let’s get you started with the Jungle Scout coupon and review!

Available Jungle Scout Discount Code 2023

In 2023, Jungle Scout will provide up to 81% discount on their special discount. This will be available for a limited time, so get it as soon as possible.

However, the discount may vary from plan to plan. So, here are some of the best deals available for new users who want to start their Amazon FBA business in 2023. 


Subscription Duration


Listed Price

Discount (%)

Suite Plan

Three months




Suite Plus Plan

One year




Professional Plan

One year




Master Bundle Plan

One year




How To Claim Jungle Scout Discount Code? (Step by Step)

To get the Jungle Scout discount code and save up to 81% on Jungle Scout plans, follow these step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Click on the exclusive discount link. This link will take you directly to Jungle Scout’s package pricing plans.

Jungle Scout Discount Page

Step 2: On the Jungle Scout pricing page, you will see three package plans. Choose the best plan that suits your needs and click the “Buy Now” button.

Jungle Scout Click Buy Now

Step 3: If you still need an existing account on Jungle Scout, you will need to create a new one to avail of the discount offer. Fill in your personal details to create the account and proceed to the next step.

Jungle Scout Create Account

Step 4: In the final step, you must enter your payment details to complete the purchase. The discounted price will be shown on this page.

Payment Details

Congratulations! You have applied the discount on your Jungle Scout package plan successfully. 

Jungle Scout Review – In a Nutshell

Jungle Scout helps you build a stable Amazon business and brings home more profit. It is a must-try and very reliable one for your Amazon sales. It has a friendly and easy interface for both the web app and the Chrome extension.

Jungle Scout-Overview

The app sounds too good to be accurate, but it exceeds all its expectations. Jungle Scout has helped many businesses get stable and earn many deserving profits. It can be used by any professional or armature.

Jungle Scout: Key Features

  • Jungle Scout has over 70 million products fetched directly from the Amazon database. So you can find the best-selling and profit-making products in just a few seconds.
  • Jungle Scout alerts help you save time and money regarding small changes like category changes or product availability. It enables you to keep up with your Amazon listings.
  • It provides you with a feature named “Consumer & Competitor Trends,” which helps you find the products in high demand in the market, giving you an idea of the customers’ requirements.
  • They also provide a product tracking feature where you can track all the day-to-day activities of your products. You can also check its compatibility with it.
  • It has a keyword search engine that enables you to showcase your products when searched with similar keywords. It also provides you with its competitor’s data.
  • The newly launched email campaign helps you send your product marketing emails, increasing the chance of more profits and reviews.
  • It also helps you with product promotions; it promotes your product to over 100k shoppers, boosting your sales velocity and increasing your search rank.
  • It provides a sales estimator feature where you can get the sales estimate for a month or so in just a few clicks.

Difference Between Jungle Scout Web App And Chrome Extension: 

Now, with the Jungle Scout web app, you can get your next profitable product without any second thought of its performance. With its centralized product research using tracking features and powerful exploration, you can track your Amazon FBA business based on data-driven decisions. It is a very easy-to-use app with videos, a training guide, and a 24/7 customer support team. 

Jungle Scout Chrome extension allows you to conduct product research as you search on Amazon. With the help of an extension, you can view historical data, estimate sales in real time, and determine the competition and demand for any product on Amazon. 

Jungle Scout: Pricing Plan

Jungle Scout offers three different pricing plans to its users, which are very cheap and affordable. Let’s see its pricing plan: 

jungle Scout Pricing

1. Basic Plan: This plan will cost you $49 monthly. This plan includes full access to a browser extension, a review automation core tool, and a single-user license. 

2. Suit Plan: This plan costs you $69 per month. This plan includes the ability to add more features, review automation with advanced features, advanced seller features, and in-depth historical products and data. 

3. Professional Plan: This plan costs you $129 per month. This plan includes 6 months of historical data, including 6 users, priority onboarding, and 2 years of historical keyword data. 

Jungle Scout Package Plans

Jungle Scout offers three package plans to cater to Amazon sellers at different stages. 

Jungle Scout Packages

1. Start-up Suite Plan: Ideal for new Amazon sellers at $189 for three months, it offers essential features such as training courses, keyword tracking, and marketplace analysis tools.

2. Entrepreneur Suite Plan: Priced at $349 for six months, it builds on the Start-up plan with advanced features like product listing support, supplier tracking, and review request capabilities.

3. Freedom Builder Bootcamp Plan: The comprehensive package at $999 for one year includes all Jungle Scout features, live coaching, a Bootcamp course, regular updates, and an advanced sales estimator tool for serious Amazon sellers.

What Is Jungle Scout Academy?

Jungle Scout Academy is the section of a Jungle Scout teaching project where you will get video lessons on becoming the best FBA seller. Its top Amazon experts and sellers build the tutorials. You will also get a tutorial on how you can utilize Jungle Scout to grow your business. 

Jungle Scout Academy

Jungle Scout Academy offers different courses that help you learn all the fundamental things you should understand regarding selling on Amazon. The courses are split into sessions, and the seasons are divided into 10 minutes of video classes.

Is Jungle Scout The Right Choice For Me? 

Jungle Scout is the best choice for every Amazon seller. The Jungle Scout helps the merchant regulate the best product to sell and offers the data for each. The seller is offered performance data, review data, potential price points, and sales estimations.

They also use Jungle Scout to filter their search, which is proficiency with using exact conventions for the goods, such as product weight, price range, preference through the country, sales demographics, and minimum monthly sales.

Pros & Cons Of Jungle Scout:

Here we have listed the pros & cons of Jungle Scout. Let’s have a look.


  • Jungle Scout is a very user-friendly software that almost everyone can use without giving you a headache. It is a time-saving product research tool.
  • The accuracy of the estimated sales and profits is, most of the time, perfect. It takes around six months to reach the estimated goals but shows the earnings over time.
  •  It has plenty of adequate learning capacity. Any new member can read the guide and learn to use it.


  • Some people might think that the charges are a little expensive. If you find a way around this, you could use the annual payment system, saving a lot of money.
  • The web app and the Chrome extension have a few challenges to overcome, but you always have s guide to help you.

Does Jungle Scout Offer A Free Trial? 

Unfortunately, Jungle Scout does not offer a free trial but a 7-day money-back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with the product. This way, you can try the tools for 7 days, and if you don’t find them satisfactory, you can get your money back. There are no hard feelings!

It’s that simple. So if you’re still on the fence about Jungle Scout, you can try it and see if it’s right for you. Who knows? Maybe it’ll be your new favorite tool! 

Conclusion: Jungle Scout Discount Code 2024

Jungle Scout benefits people who want their businesses to grow and earn a profit to be financially stable. It provides you with almost all the necessary features for a business to grow.

You might think that the charges are a little more than other apps’ costs, but the results and success rate is completely worth spending that amount. You can always count on their money-back guarantee and take advantage of the best app for 7 days.

We hope you found our Jungle Scout coupon code and review useful. Are you picking Jungle Scout or not? Let us know in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Jungle Scout provide any money-back guarantee?

Yes, there is a 7-day money-back guarantee policy. They don’t provide free trials, but you can discontinue and get your money back in 7 days.

Is there any discount or coupon code by Jungle Scout?

Yes, we have listed some of the working Jungle Scout discount codes that you can use to save up to 80% on Jungle Scout. Check the working discount codes above in this post.

Which marketplace does JungleScout support?

Jungle Scout supports Amazon USA, Canada, India, Spain, and five other countries.

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