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Jungle Scout is a super-helpful and impressive software to find profitable products on Amazon. Moreover, you can find lucrative niches with great potential too. In simple words, it is a tool that uncovers the best items listed helping you to get an idea of a niche market on Amazon that can help you get the most out of it. It is a market research tool that can help you effortlessly shoot up your profits and build a steady business selling on Amazon.

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It goes without saying that this tool is a great way to test the waters before jumping into selling on Amazon.

Difference between the Web App & the Chrome Extension

Once you land on their official website, you will notice there are two variations of Jungle Scout.

  1. The Web App
  2. The Chrome Extension

These two take different aspects of product research into their practice. The Chrome extension helps you to collect sales estimates and other useful data regarding a specific product on Amazon. Once you pick one of their plans, the extension can be installed on the Google Chrome browser. On the other side, the WebApp can manage to help you identify which products are selling well and also spy on your competitors.

The interface is pretty straightforward and easy to use no matter if you’ve chosen the web app or the chrome extension. You can be assured you won’t be lagging behind trying to find out how to use a feature. It’s just too simple for anybody.

Universal features of Jungle Scout:

While there are quite a lot of impressive features of Jungle Scout, below we’ve listed some of the highlights of what they offer no matter which plan you go for.

AccuSalesTM Powered: Jungle Scout gives real-time Amazon FBA sales estimates. Those are accurate and eliminate any kind of guess work for you.

Multi-Page Extraction: Shows search results that are deeper than just the first page.

Algorithmic Product Selection: Helps you identify the most profitable products currently on Amazon.

Meaningful Metrics: Filter out unnecessary products so you can pick those that matter to you.

Gross Profit Estimator: Calculate your future expenses so you can keep a track of what you’re spending and profiting.

Multiple Save Methods: Let’s you save your information in 3 different ways: Screenshots, CSV file, and a Product Tracker Integration.


Once you head over to the “Pricing” section of their website, you’ll see two options as usual – The Web App and the Chrome Extension.

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If you click on the button that says “See Web App Plans”, you’ll be presented with this page.

As you can see, the pricing plans for the Web App are pretty pocket-friendly and can reap you benefits for years to come. On the other hand, the Chrome Extension starts from $97 for the lite plan.

The only difference between these two plans is that the pro plan lets you –

  • View all-time sales and pricing
  • Calculate profits for each product
  • Estimate fees for FBA
  • Check opportunity score for each product

Make sure to read everything that is included in each plan.

Jungle Scout Discount (2021):

Jungle Scout regularly rolls out discount codes that you can apply at the time of purchasing any of their amazing plans. So, make sure to keep an eye on those.

In the meantime, you can make sure you get 40% on the Web App by enabling the “Annual Button” while making the purchase.

That’s it for this article. We hope you found this helpful. Be sure to drop in a comment below sharing your thoughts. Thanks for reading!

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