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Siteground is a company that is renowned for its web hosting services. It is among the largest web hosting companies in the world. It provides features like wordpress hosting, dedicated server hosting, and cloud hosting. The company is independent and was founded in the year 2004. The company is based in Bulgaria but its services are used on a worldwide basis.

SiteGround Coupon & Discount

This platform is loved by users like you because of its amazing customer support. Their services offer fast services and the servers are reliable. There is also an unbelievable factor that it has free CDNs and SSL certification features. It has great uptime.

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Site Ground Hosting: General information

You are also happy to know some major information regarding the hosting service of the Site ground coupon:

PricingStarts at $3.95/ month
Uptime99.99% ( average between December 2017 and March 2019)
AppsHas support for more than 450 apps.
Hosting PlansDedicated servers, WordPress hosting, shared hosting, reseller and enterprise.
FeaturesWebsite builder, unmetered bandwidth, free email and 10 GB of storage.
Site TransferThis feature is not free
Speed713 ms (average between December 2017 and March 2019)
Support24/7 support through live chat

SitGround Hosting Packages:

SiteGround offers an extensive range of hosting and packages that are suitable for different types of website owners. Regardless of what kind of hosting a user is looking for, at SiteGround he will be able to find it. A user can find hosting packages that are traditionally cloud, shared, WordPress or dedicated. You must be happy to know that you can also find more niche offers such as hosting custom servers and Resellers for Enterprise customers.

1. Shared hosting:

The most common form of web hosting is shared hosting. If a user is designing your first website, then this is the type of web hosting to which a user is likely going to want to go. cPanel is given for every shared hosting program. This control panel is the industry standard for an easy-to-use dashboard for beginner-oriented management of a user’s hosting account.

This type of hosting is most suitable for small-scale and beginner users. It is user-friendly and the process to set up the website is easy.

2. Cloud hosting:

This is a form of shared hosting. It is more useful than shared hosting. It is useful for those users who need a high level of customization. Take a breath! We have something exceptional for you! This service also offers great flexibility. It is good at handling a variable level of traffic.

3. Dedicated hosting:

Hosting a dedicated server is fairly easy to explain. A customer leases a whole dedicated physical server. This hosting method will be one of the most costly forms of hosting and should be used only if the user has the budget for it.

The user will share this network with dozens to hundreds of other users with most other hosting plans. When a user signs up for running a dedicated server, he is responsible for the entire cost of the server. So, what are you waiting for! It’s a golden opportunity for you to experience these web hosting services.

4. Enterprise hosting:

The most feature-rich type of hosting that SiteGround provides is enterprise hosting. With this, a user can have a server with Enterprise hosting that is custom-built by the expert team of the SiteGround team. If there is a requirement for a very large website and the user requires a large number of server resources or needs a highly customized database, then it’s worth exploring this type of hosting. There is something more for you which are beneficial for our services!

5. Woocomerce hosting:

This is a user-ready plugin that is available in SiteGround. It is useful for making eCommerce websites. This is a form of WordPress hosting.

Response times of the servers:

You must be satisfied to hear that the response time of the servers is high. The response time is between 500 ms to 400 ms. The average response time is 431 ms. This is better than other service providers like GoDaddy. The average response time also beats the response time of Bluehost slightly. However, it still lags behind the response time of the WP engine. The average response time of the WP engine is well below 400 ms. These figures indicate that Siteground provides a high level of reliability and performance to the customers.


Siteground is very reliable in terms of uptime. It promises 99.99% uptime. If it goes through downtime greater than 0.1% in a year then it compensates the user by providing one month of free services.

Money-Back Guarantee:

On all shared hosting plans, SiteGround provides a full 30-day money-back guarantee. Our service quality does not stop here! Their dedicated hosting plans, VPS and cloud, by comparison, come only with a 15-day refund. Domain name charges and any other “extras” are typically not reimbursed, like many other hosts. And this rule of reimbursement extends only to new clients. So on upgrade contracts, you can’t get refunds.

Upgradation of hosting:

SiteGround provides its users the functionality to upgrade their hostings. If a user feels that the shared services are not enough and their website needs a dedicated server, they can upgrade to the Go geek plan.

Pros & cons of Siteground:

Now, in this context, you may want to know about its advantages and disadvantages. Here it is:


  • This is officially recommended by WordPress.
  • Highly active and responsive customer support is among the biggest trait of Siteground.
  • The servers are fast and reliable.
  • It has unlimited email accounts and databases.
  • You must be wondering about its transparency factor. Then, we have good news for you that it has a transparent community.


  • The process to set up a backup is complicated when compared to other web hosting platforms.
  • There is no availability of free domain support in Siteground.
  • It has a limited set of plans.
  • The overall pricing of the plans is not as affordable as other similar service providers.

Both of these informative knowledge help you to compare our web service with others.

Customer support:

Siteground has a highly skilled and dedicated team that provides customers with excellent service-related support. Customer support is available on a 24/7 basis. There are thousands of articles and tutorials online which can be helpful for beginners and new users. It has a tutorial in detail for post creation, theme installation, and WordPress site transfer.

If you are looking for a standard and efficient hosting service, then it can be your appropriate choice. The customer support team provides support through ticket, chat, and phone. The process to have technical support is a little longer as it takes some time. The customer service members are highly qualified and have a great reputation among users.

Siteground has good uptime and great customer support and it has built a strong reputation among users over the years. There are almost no issues related to downtime. The free SSL certification is a useful feature and the server speed is also good. The prices are relatively higher but its performance makes up for it.

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