BlueHost Coupon & Review (July 2023) – Updated

Are you searching for Web Hosting? Little bit confused, about what to choose. Then don’t be puzzled because we are here for you to offer the best hosting company. Here, we are going to discuss Bluehost and its coupon code review. This is our responsibility to inform you of entire things including its key features and offers. We are also going to delineate the pros and cons of this web hosting company.

BlueHost Coupon & Review

Moreover, you can also have its coupon plans, so that it becomes easy for you to choose you. This is not the end! We are going to provide you an in-depth review of this web hosting provider. So don’t go anywhere, stay with us to know everything about Bluehost Coupons.

BlueHost Review

Are you thinking about what you actually can get from this Bluehost Coupon? Therefore, we think that we should discuss the complete features to make you know what you will receive against your investment. Let’s check out this enormously-

1. Security

Bluehost appears with high security norms, but it becomes a little bit less when they did a partnership with SiteLock. This is really wonderful for the beginner because they will get complete security, but at the end of the year, you will have to pay extra money for security investment on SiteLock. Otherwise, you can go for a specialist WordPress plan. However, no web host provider can give you 100 % security; thereby Bluehost is pretty good on security matters. Although, it becomes a shared plan it is often can be heard that the customer’s websites are getting hacked on Bluehost.

2. Uptime and Site Speed

This is one of the key features of any hosting provider companies because it is their duty to serve a hassle free hosting service. It is very obvious that you will never work with a company whose website constantly crashes. Therefore, if you want to grow your account for accumulating more customers, then it is really necessary for you to work with a host which provides 99.8% uptime performance. In this context, Bluehost is unbeaten as they serve 99.99% uptime site speed.

3. Usability

One of the key advantages of working with Bluehost is its user-friendly interface. They build up their design according to the need of small and medium business owners and also keep in mind about the bloggers. As both these parties don’t have much experience in web designing and hosting. This is the biggest reason for using this hosting provider as Bluehost is directly recommended by WordPress because of its 1-click setup.

4. Server Types

This is really interesting because you have the option to choose among three Bluehost servers while you sign up for hosting. These servers are made up on the basis of performance and budget. These servers are namely-

  • Shared Server is appropriate for small sites and it is a really money-saving server. You also can reduce power because it is a shared server.
  • A virtual Private Server (VPS) is good for people who need a little bit more power than the traditional Shared Server. It serves you 60 GB SSD storage and 4 GB of RAM.
  • A dedicated Server is the most powerful and similarly expensive too. It will be a wonderful choice for a web expert, as it comes with 8 GB of RAM and 120 GB of SSD storage.

Bluehost Coupon Code 2023:

Bluehost is already offering a number of attractive features to its customers so people should choose their web hosting services. Everything is amazing! But do you know about their coupon and discount codes? If you don’t then let me tell you it will make you crazy. We all know in terms of saving money, coupon and discount are added extra spice. Bluehost certainly offers plenty of discounts and coupon codes to their customers which really entices the beginner to purchase their web hosting services. Although, they don’t have any specific Bluehost coupon code or discount offer. It is changing according to time and moreover, it mainly depends upon your selection of coupon plans.

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Hey, do you think which will be the best plan for you? Don’t worry; we are always updating you with current plans and offers. However, these coupon codes may not sound attractive when you can see those already serving wonderful packages at a low price. Therefore, we are seeking more attractive and expensive plans, which you can purchase at an affordable price. These packages may consist of premium quality WordPress and they also may come with dedicated servers which will definitely look more appealing to you.

Bluehost Coupon plan option:

Hey, are you excited to know about these plans? Then let’s get checkout their best plans and coupon offers through which you can choose your favorite package. Bluehost generally provides four types of coupon plans-

Overview of Basic Plan:

  • You can get 1 personal website for hosting.
  • This plan provides you with 100 GB of space for hosting your website.
  • The serves unmetered bandwidth.
  • This is most important; you can get to operate 5 parked domains with this plan.
  • This is not the end! You will also get 25 subdomains along with those 5 parked domains.
  • Through this package, you can access 100 email accounts and can get 500 MB of storage.
  • This package also gives you an extra offer of $50 for online marketing.
  • You can get this package at an affordable price of $2.95/per month.

Overview of Plus Plan:

  • You can serve unlimited websites by purchasing this package. This is really an attractive feature for the customers.
  • It offers you unmetered space with this plan and you also can get unmetered bandwidth.
  • There is no bound for subdomains, it means you can access unlimited subdomains by purchasing this package.
  • This will definitely be pretty much attractive for you because this package gives you full freedom to access anything without any restrictions. Thereby, you can have unlimited storage and unlimited email accounts with this package.
  • As the previous plan provides $50 for online marketing, here you can get more such as $200 for marketing.
  • This package comes with the Global CDN along with 1 SpamExperts.
  • You can buy this package for $4.95/ month to get all these above facilities.

Overview of Prime Plan:

  • This plan is comprised of 2 SpamExperts and 1 SSL.
  • Through this plan, you can get unlimited websites.
  • This plan also provides unmetered spaces for customers.
  • Moreover, you also can get unmetered bandwidth in this package.
  • This plan facilitates Unlimited Parked domains, which is really necessary for medium business development.
  • Apart from all these, you can also get unlimited sub-domains which give you complete freedom at your work.
  • It also gives you full freedom to access unlimited email accounts and thereby you also get unlimited storage for this purpose.
  • This package similarly provides you $200 as marketing offers to the clients.
  • It will make you more interested to purchase this package, when we say through this package you can get 1 dedicated IP and 1 domain privacy.
  • The prime plan really works faster than other plans and it retains a good performance.
  • Moreover, you also can get SiteBackup Pro through this package. However, this plan costs $5.45/per month.

Overview of GoPro Plan:

  • It is the most valuable and highest package of Bluehost Coupon services.
  • It provides an SSL certificate and site backup.
  • More or less, it also serves dedicated IP addresses to customers so that they can enjoy all types of facilities.
  • Interestingly, you can also have the site backup function with this GoPro coupon package.
  • Through this package, you can have the high-performance server to work with it by recharging $9.95/month.

BlueHost Pros & Cons:

Bluehost is undoubtedly one of the most familiar and utility hosting companies in the world. It is interesting to share with you that, WordPress itself suggests choosing Bluehost, “the best and brightest of the hosting world”. Although, it has a promising sound we are going to tell you the real facts of Bluehost and its Coupon by mixing up their both Pros and Cons.


  • The price plans of this host provider are really cheap and thereby every small and medium business can afford this.
  • It is completely a power package of features, which is more or less missing in other hosting companies.
  • The user interface is easy to access; thereby users can have comfortless to operate this web host.

It is not the end!

It will be unfair if we miss this point, that they provide the best customer service by providing 24/7 support.

  • You will feel great to access these online resources and their uptime is really commendable.
  • You can have the facility to auto-update.
  • It will facilitate you one of the best security and safety norms so that you cannot have any fear of data loss or anything else.
  • Bluehost is also known for its E-commerce features; therefore it could be a proper solution for your E-commerce business.
  • Moreover, you can have a live chat facility and after all these, the company will provide a 30-day cash back guarantee, whoever will not satisfy with their features.


  • One accusation is often rising against this company, that they are going too much downtime.
  • As they serve plenty of features, thereby people often claim against their quality. They are currently slipped down from their previous rank because they are unable to provide better quality at low prices.
  • The performance is getting slow sometimes, in terms of shared hosting.
  • Upselling is available for certain services. You can only get little discounts only at the end of the month.
  • In fact, it is also can be heard that the customer support service is poor.


If you are looking for managed hosting then Bluehost should be your choice. If you are already using bluehost or know any coupons do let us know in the comments section below.

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