FastComet Review 2023 – My Personal Experience [Unbiased]

FastComet is a hosting provider that is still relatively unknown; however, upon visiting the website, there is something that needs to be taken seriously. A simple WordPress website connected to robust monitoring tools would enable a beginner to review FastComet. Let us see what we found.

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FastComet Review – Is This The Best Hosting?

FastComet provides hosting solutions and even system administration for corporate clients. Since its inception, six years back in 2013, FastComet has launched a cloud hosting system that enables it to start a business with small firm owners and private clients. FastComet is seemingly obsessed with technology and infrastructure with its eight data centers spread across the continents. Further, one looks at the website and would notice it is extremely detailed.

FastComet shares a lot of detail and information, it is odd as no hosting company shares so much information right at the start. However, what remains to be seen is that does this obsession over technology and excellent customer handling translate into quality hosting services. So let’s check it out. Well so state the obvious, the pros outweigh the cons of FastComet and they provide excellent service in some quarters.

FastComet Review

FastComet Features –

Some Notable Features you Should Check. We (TheNationalHonestyIndex Team) suggest you to compare with other hosting & decide when you buy. But as far as I knowledge, We are sure FastComet will be your choice!

1. Excellent Uptime

The unscathed dogma of any website hosting would be to make the website available from anywhere, anytime, and without reasonable lag. The uptime of website hosting enterprises separates the good from the mediocre. FastComet excels in this quarter as it has a 99.99% uptime rate with over three months having a 100% uptime rate. This is an impressive rate of uptime since simple WordPress sites would be down for about 15 minutes in six months to achieve such ratings.

Month 1: 100%

Month 1: 100%

Month 1: 100%

Month 1: 99.97%

Month 1: 100%

2. Reasonable Speed

  • Response time: 0.57s
  • Load time: 1.27s
  • Under load period: 1.05s

Before I dive into the details of the above-mentioned time, please note that speed testing would provide slightly different results on different domains. Further, it is recommended to disable caching of all server plug-ins. The speed test determines the average speed taken by the server to send the first byte of data and fully load the homepage of the website. Albeit FastComet uses TTFB, which is an average protocol at best, FastComet loads a homepage within one second, impressive!

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3. Marvelous Customer Support

Now, there is a common notion that small, or rather newer companies have excellent customer support; FastComet does everything to support this theory. Since their customer base is quite small, their service is magnificent. The chat experts are quick to respond and their chats are very friendly, and helpful. Anybody would be hard-pressed to compare the customer service of FastComet with the leading customer service provider and pick the winner.

4. FastComet Price:


Dedicated Resource Distribution: Uneven distribution of resources is a major drawback of shared hosting, a site that has average of below-average coding hogs down server power slowing all linked services with the website. However, none of that matters to FastComet since they provide commendable account isolation and dedicated resource planning for each website that they host. This is great for start-ups and private use science isolation of accounts would mean an added level of security. They also display the benefit that you receive once you migrate to a better, bigger plan.

Commendable Infrastructure: During the beginning of the second half of 2019, the data centers increased from eight to ten, impressive right. FastComet provides classic performance with its optimized performance along with SSDs spread across the board and a few speed boosters along the line. The data compression is lossless and it is an aggressive form of GZIP compression. The content is optimized for the browser being used and there is also the feature of asynchronous resource loading.

Regular backups with the free Domain Transfer: Digital data and backup should always be with one another since digital data if is almost impossible to be recreated again. This is significantly more serious in the data displayed on the internet and the whole world has access to that data. FastComet uses a cPanel suite that keeps regular backups, there are two plans that the company provides that keep copied for the past week while the best plan offers backup for the past month.

Robust security setup: The best part about FastComet is that they make security an integral part of their operations, and it is not a choice but a mandate. The Web Application Firewall prevents almost all attempts of unauthorized access. This is followed by CageFS which provides advanced isolation for accounts. Cloud Linux ensures that no infected website can spread malware across the server. Further, to stop scripting injections along with XSS and DDoS attacks, BitNinja is used. However, despite this multi-layered protection should anything go wrong, FastComet has a security team on standby to deal with the issue!

Developers have advanced tools at their Disposal: The user-friendly tag of the host is not achieved at the expense of advanced veterans. Bash, WP-CLI followed by Genesis, Symphony, and many more developer tools are readily made available to anyone who has the expertise to use them. These modules are spread across the plans and users can choose at their discretion.


Marketing is misleading: There is a lot of erroneous comparison on the FastComet website, comparing itself to HostGator or GoDaddy. These reviews or comparisons are not holistic and therefore lack a lot of vital data,

Disk space is quite limited: All the plans provided by FastComet arrive within a certain limited disk space, and although most of it is justified, it is limited nonetheless. The lowest data cap is 15GB while the highest is 35 GB, now here lies the problem. Users with multiple websites on FastComet would face serious issues with just a 35 GB data cap.

This brings us to the end of the FastComet review; it is evident that the pros outweigh the cons. The technology along with the infrastructure and customer service, FastComet seems to be doing an excellent job of hosting websites. Albeit there are a couple of drawbacks, not for lack of trying, even then, it is difficult to be perfect.

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