Siteground vs. HostGator – Which One is Best for Bloggers?

The Internet is an essential part of today’s world. Website hosting can help an individual and an organisation to post a webpage or the website on the internet. Web hosting provides great supports to nowadays businesses by providing the information of real-time trends and needs of the customers, by connecting with the consumers in a more effective way. According to all reports it has been seen that Siteground is better than Hostgator as completing 8 tests it is found that Siteground is far better than Hostgator.

Referencing to speed it is obvious that in web hosting 1.5x lesser fast is Hostgator than Siteground. Hostgator has cheap rates it is very much good for all beginners to make web hosting with Hostgator. Seeing everything Siteground has topmost performance and is one of the best web hosting applications as well.

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Hostgator vs Siteground –  Whose Performance is best?

Siteground gives 1.5x faster speed than Hostgator. Hostgator is cheap yet the service providing of SiteGround making this a better and reliable performer. Siteground is having a great type of performance, it is having a type of server that is called SSD servers that are very much useful. The performance of the Siteground is brilliant in the previous year. This has increased its hosting website numbers 5, 00,000 to 1.8 million. It has also HTTPS servers which speeding up the performance of the website.

This is also a company offering a lot of functions having different from other hosting companies and is a great performer as well. Siteground uses all the latest versions as one of them is PHP 7.3RC that is related in 2018 and is the latest version. But Hostgator use PHP 7.0 released in the year of 2015 so its seen that Hostgator useless configuration as well as low version.

Hostgator vs Siteground: Report of uptime

It is a type of graph that shows how much a web hosting company servers are rising upward and downwards. It is also critical to measure and it can be seen that Siteground hosting is more effective than HostGator. As we can see the uptime report for a Siteground says that  Downtime for its is 12 minutes,  In these wages are 4 minutes and the main important key aspects in uptime for Siteground is 99.97%. Whereas in Hostgator the downtime is 31 minutes and it’s out wages are very much than Siteground having 13. Uptime is 99.92%.

Speed of Sites on Siteground & Hostgator:

Location Siteground load time Hostgator load time
Boston 1.2 seconds 2.6 seconds
Washington 2.2 seconds 2.2 seconds
Tokyo 2.0 seconds 6.6 seconds
Seoul 2.4 seconds 6.4 seconds
Vienna 2.2 seconds 3.08 seconds
Berlin 6.4 seconds 2.7 seconds
Manchester 1.0 seconds 1.8 seconds
Miami 1.1 seconds 1.6 seconds

Siteground speed quality is best among all other web hosting application whereas Hostgator speed quality is low. The caching process of Siteground is of high quality, things are moving fast in these situations. As on the other hand, HostGator makes use of a lot of other things that are implemented on it to male things moves fast but in Hostgator, it has low speed than Siteground and its loading time is more.

Only in Berlin, there is loading time slow of a Siteground due to not having a server there, as Siteground has the server only in the regions of the USA and the Netherlands. There are also seasonal increases and surges happen in a Siteground because its load condition is less than Hostgator except in Berlin.

HostGator vs Siteground – Panel controlling:

Interested in how to manage the website backend part? In this part we are going to discuss managing website backend part. This consists of an application, database, and server. Website backend is a kind of coding program that helps in creating CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. Control panel has a great important role in making speed more for a web hosting application, It also has a great part in the development of an.

Siteground has its site tool that is used in panel control that is made from the year 2019 recently. In HostGator control panel is much not well developed, and it has lots of problems than Siteground as load time will be more controlling system must be good.

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Customer Support:

In this scheme, it is a type of a function that is given by every type of company, all application-based company in which if a customer could not make out what to do then they are supported. Siteground gives all telephonic as well as mail support to their customers, they also had a system in which Siteground having a ticket system giving a reply within minutes. Hostgator has also come up with a solution for giving support to all customers by making a portal in which people get help within minutes but there is always a problem with a Hostgator as its loading speed is always slow.

There is also another type of customer support for Hostgator for giving quality assurance. Billing portal customer support of Hostgator provides on-time customer supports for security services and billing services. That helps Hostgator gaining a better portfolio image for their organization. This can help in better service providing a process for Hostgator.


It is recommended that one must use Siteground as it has better service because in Hostgator load timing is more. Looking from all the instruction we can assume that HostGator is not good but in web hosting it is better to use Siteground as it lot of applications are good making it a good application for web hosting. Every customer will always want to use a faster type of technology that will make work fast.

Siteground vs HostGator: Overview

Siteground vs HostGator: Functions of backup

We know that backup is storing all information for safety so that in case if all things get deleted than backup is used. Same in this case all information on Siteground is stored in a special storage area from where it is used when there is an emergency. There are sometimes people try hacking and lots of malware attacks are there that makes the website gets hacked.

Siteground provides lots of copy for backup in a month. The number of back-ups given by Siteground is 30. Similar Hostgator also has a backup plan but the same problem comes again loading speed as its servers do not work in Netherland and USA but in berlin, its speed is quite high.

Whereas Hostgator provides only 1 automatic backup only once in a month, This is made randomly which is automatic once a week? However, this doesn’t make any sense as one has to make it as HostGator backup that is automatically made is not guaranteed so one has to make it by us.

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