11 Best Amazon FBA Keyword Tools in 2023

Amazon’s FBA service has made selling much easier and more convenient for sellers on Amazon. Thus it is no surprise that Amazon’s FBA seller competitors are at an all-time high. In 2016, the FBA program delivered over 1 billion items, with that number proceeding to expand at a higher rate. As well as while Amazon’s market for third-party vendors is expanding, the barriers to entry are high. It takes a substantial quantity of vendors to relocate 1 billion items, which indicates that probably almost every niche is currently complete with FBA vendors. That’s excellent for a growing marketplace, but less so for those aiming to begin selling their own products as FBA vendors.

Those who are aware have a secret weapon– an ace up their sleeve, so to speak. And that secret weapon is called FBA tools. These FBA tools provide distinct means to locate products that aren’t yet oversold and that command high prices. Keyword research helps in taking a seller from a nobody to a top seller in just a matter of time. Using a variety of tools and research methods, you can grow your Amazon FBA business exponentially.

Today we’re touching on utilizing these tools’ keyword research study features to find items as well as niches that might produce rewarding sales. The listed below tools all specialize in some element of Amazon keyword research. While not every tool operates in the same method, they all provide an exceptional opportunity to maximize prominent products that obtain sufficient website traffic to drive high profits.

Best Amazon FBA Keyword Tools in 2023:

1. Jungle Scout

While not primarily a keyword tool, Jungle Scout does permit searches and filtering systems by a keyword that can assist you to recognize products that are flying off the shelves. Jungle Scout provides tons of features that aid in empowering Amazon entrepreneurs. In order to make the most of the tool’s keyword prowess, we require checking out both the internet app as well as a Chrome extension.

First off is the Chrome extension. It supplies quick keyword browsing that returns items and also specific niches you could have an interest in targeting. From the extension, you can quickly consider the product information, gather the ASIN, and after that use that info to track the item’s cost and supply levels in the web app. In addition to supplementing the Chrome extension, the web application additionally uses native keyword searches that can reveal sought-after items associated with particular searches.

Moreover, the Niche Hunter tool uses an “opportunity score” that notes the top 10 vendors’ metrics for any keyword search and also its relevant particular niche. Thus, using these tools you can find the most relevant long-tail keywords that will give you an edge over the competitors.

2. Sonar

If you’re seeking a free tool that can manage simple keyword searches, Sonar is your answer. The website-based tool provides keyword research that can reveal to you what long-tail keywords produce the highest search quantity, as well as what products those searches return. You can additionally do a reverse search by ASIN number and watch what keywords typically return the product. It’s very helpful if you’re attempting to maximize your product pages for Amazon’s search.

All keyword recommendations in Sonar are pulled from the actual consumer search queries of Amazon consumers. Its inner algorithm detects what clients are searching for on Amazon, and thus accumulates the search queries into the Sonar keyword database. Sonar just looks at Amazon information; resources aside from Amazon (e.g. Google) are not thought about, as the customer search practices here differ considerably. This makes sure Sonar just provides keyword tips pertinent to Amazon’s A9 online search engine.

Compared to various other Amazon keyword tools like MerchantWords and also Keyword Inspector, Sonar uses a complementary extensive collection of attributes including Reverse ASIN search, Keyword Translator (locate Amazon keywords in any language), PPC Keyword Display and Sonar Keyword Index Checker (check if your keywords are being indexed by Amazon.).

Significantly, Sonar offers the Amazon search volume for each keyword presented and is a 100% totally free tool for every person to utilize.

3. Scope

Scope uses a full-featured keyword tool together with FBA tools, all included in one integrated bundle. The primary keyword functions consist of determining keywords resulting in high website traffic on both Amazon and Google search, as well as also tracking the performance of those keywords over time.

You can then make use of the tool’s other attributes to view sales connected to the keywords you’re interested in targeting. If a certain keyword drives high sales, you can think about targeting it to record some web traffic. Also, if you find an untapped particular niche with keywords that are considered vulnerable, you can target new products.

4. Merchant Words

Merchant Words bases its success on an enormous database of Amazon search keywords that the firm’s been assembling ever since 2012. The standard function is straightforward; look up a keyword, see its variations as well as its search volume, and include that keyword in your product summary.

Long-tail keywords reign supreme over here, as the program looks for as many numerous combinations as it is possible to help you in narrowing down the keywords that have the least competition and also the highest possible volume of search. It’s essentially the exact same principle that SEOs utilize to locate long-tail keywords for Google searches.

Merchant Words has three plans- silver, gold, and platinum. Platinum has the maximum features, followed by gold and silver. One doesn’t need the platinum plan to make use of the fundamental tools. They’re available in the silver plan as well. However, additional helpful features like reverse ASIN search and keyword multiplier are only available in the gold and platinum plan. They also give you a 14-day money back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with their services.

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5. Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator is a tool that keeps its functions as easy as possible. If you’re seeking the simplest method by which you can bring your keyword research to the top of the game without that much of a learning curve, this tool is definitely your best choice. It’s as straightforward as looking up a keyword and collecting its variants.

The product uses Amazon’s predictive search to collect long-tail keywords that genuine people search for. Also, if you’re seeking a brand-new niche to target, you can gather high-performing keywords that drive traffic and also match them with the corresponding products that they return.

Keyword Tool Dominator unlocks the Autocomplete service by imitating a genuine human user, as well as repeatedly typing in thousands of search terms into Amazon. Each time a search term is keyed in, Amazon offers a checklist of predictions (keywords and lengthy tail keywords) of what it thinks you are looking for. Keyword Tool Dominator then merely saves all of these forecasts and presents them to you.

6. AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker supplies a substantial FBA tool suite, however today we’re only focusing on using their tools to find keywords that result in better product possibilities. Like much of our remedies above, it begins with a simple keyword search. Search the keywords you’re utilizing and how they’re rating to begin your research. After that, look up your competitors’ keywords. Possibilities are you’ll locate some overlap, but you’ll likely also find your very same keywords driving web traffic for various other products.

Take the effort and take into consideration branching right into those various items to profit from tested web traffic driving potential. Keyword rankings on AMZ Tracker are updated daily, making it one of the best Amazon FBA keyword tools in 2023. Best Sellers Ranks are also updated daily. Ranking data is held for a period of one year whereas sales tracking data is kept for just one month. AMZ Tracker searches through the top 19 pages of Amazon which is equal to the top 300 products. You may have as many products as you wish on your account. However, the keywords related to the items are limited by your subscription level.
There are four subscription plans, ranging from $50 to $400.

7. Keyword Keg

Keyword Keg is a tool that helps you take keywords and turn them into product concepts. Enter a seed topic (seeing a pattern yet?) and see the long-tail keywords start appearing on the screen. Once you’ve gathered your hyper-specific keywords, you can see what items return for those keywords.

The suggestion being that hyper-specific words have the least competitors as well as the most relation to particular items. Target new items that match keyword profiles as well as which additionally have high sales and month-to-month search volumes.

Keyword Keg gets information from 11 Top APIs, in addition to Amazon. Volume, CPC information is gathered directly from Google Adwords, improved with click stream data. This makes certain that you get the optimum number of suggested keywords possible. You can upload your Excel/CSV data with up to 500,000 of your own keywords and also get metrics for them. Furthermore, you can filter keywords based upon purchase intent to enhance the top quality of web traffic to your website. It also has Keyword Difficulty Metrics to evaluate On-Page & Off-Page optimization in the SERP results

8. Scientific Seller

This research tool takes a slightly unique approach as compared to the other tools on our listing. Scientific Seller boasts about being the slowest keyword tool on the marketplace. That’s due to the fact that the tool creates a myriad of long-tail choices generally missed out on by other tools.

Therefore, the more long-tail keywords that are readily available, the better you’re able to discover narrow product specific niches. Take the long-tail outcomes and then retype them into Scientific Seller’s search box. The products appearing for high-level long-tail keywords are the very best items for targeting. The possibilities of one more rival finding that specific long-tail keyword are little, as well as the web traffic from utilizing the keyword expression will drive sales.

This tool collects keyword ideas from a variety of sources including Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). If they do not become Amazon keywords, the tool subsequently filters them out. As it begins looking further away from the seed words, it ends up being much less likely that any kind of one certain search will uncover a relevant new keyword. That’s why it might appear like things are slowing down. Nevertheless, by running many various innovative searches, this keyword research tool locates, a lot of times, more results than anything else that’s in the market. It simply takes a little extra time.

9. Seller Prime

Unlike most of the tools on our listing, Seller Prime operates on the presumption that you’re currently marketing products that somewhat already have keyword optimization. Rather than looking up keywords themselves, you’re browsing for ASIN numbers. Baffled? It’s, in fact, an innovative notion once you grasp the concept.

 The program returns a checklist of all the keywords that are currently in use, in your selected product. After that, you can start filtering through keywords that work and those keywords that don’t. Take the keywords that don’t and put them into one more keyword research program to discover items that do rank for those keywords. Since you’ve already maximized optimization for those keywords (and also know that they rate high on Amazon’s search) you can merely diversify your products to contain those that draw a parallel with your underachieving keywords.

It may not be the application that the company planned, but with a little resourcefulness; Seller Prime makes an excellent means to discover new products based on keywords.

10. Google Keyword Planner

While not specific only to Amazon, Keyword Planner is the very best tool around to obtain a bigger picture of the most prominent search phrases and keywords on the internet. Put simply, Google has a lot more keyword data than any of the various other businesses on our list.

Make use of the tool to discover both prominent keywords within your particular niche and long-tail variants of keywords, after that look at those words on Amazon to find new products. It’s a straightforward approach, however one that’s based on the maximum research.

11. Keyword Tool Pro for Amazon

To aid you to understand what products individuals are looking for on Amazon, Keyword Tool Pro makes use of Amazon’s autocomplete feature. Every single time you make a search on Amazon, you will certainly see the most popular relevant keywords show up beneath the search box. Using their technical understanding, Keyword Tool Pro manages to bring up to 10 keyword recommendations from Amazon autocomplete for a single search term.

To create keywords from the autocomplete, Keyword Tool Pro puts different letters as well as numbers before and after your seed keyword, puts them right into the Amazon search box and takes out the recommendations. Therefore, you will obtain a long listing of relevant keywords that you can use for your product listings.

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Selecting the Right Tool

These were the best Amazon FBA keyword tools in 2023. Selecting the right tool for your service suggests recognizing the difference between each and exactly how they can assist you to make use of keyword research studies to find products to sell. Not every tool carries out the same function, and some even function much better when made use of together.

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