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It’s been over a decade since Amazon launched their FBA (Fulfilling By Amazon) and it still brings in new entrepreneurs who want to join the program. It’s for one simple reason – it works! Once you set it up correctly, it can bring you hoards of passive income for years to come without putting in much effort. But to reap all that benefits, you need to know the basics, test your strategies, choose high-performing products and target the right audience. Doing all of that manually is a daunting task and can take up a lot of time.

That is why there are various tools available to help with the process, and today we’re going to talk about one such tool called Viral Launch.

What is Viral Launch?

Viral Launch is a market intelligence tool specially designed for Amazon FBA entrepreneurs to help them dominate their niche and make more sales. It is used for a number of tasks such as estimating sales, analyzing profitable products, optimizing listings or launching products. In a nutshell, it’s kind of an all in one suite to master the FBA program and succeed in it.

Features of Viral Launch:

Below we’ve listed some of the notable features of Viral Launch that we thought really stands out.

Keyword Research

They have a powerful in-built keyword research tool that’ll help you find relevant and high-performing keywords for your products. You can see the back-data like exact search volume, broad search volume, search trend, opportunity score, CPC cost, etc. You can also view the monthly search volume for the specific keyword, which in turns helps you identify which keywords have demand.

A unique way to use the keyword research tool is to generate product ideas from it. For example, if you type in a term like t-shirts, it’ll throw up related keywords like t-shirts for party- t-shirts for wedding etc. This way you can get plenty of new product ideas from a single keyword.

Product Discovery

The product discovery feature is actually in simple words, a tool to find products that can do well for you. It has the ability to scan through Amazon’s whole library of products and bring out the ones which have high-demand. This lets you get the sales estimate and an idea of how the product will perform for you. A great thing about this feature is, it notifies you whenever something is trending. For example, it tells you when a cooking pan has a discount running and sales have shot up by 70%. This way you know which products are bound to make sales on an instant.

Market Intelligence

This is hands down the most notable feature of Viral Launch. What it does is, it estimates sales and pulls out a lot of online data which can help you close more sales. The data it pulls out are from trending product launches and also competitors’ best-sellers. With this feature, you can also view deep parameters like how many monthly sales a product is receiving, what is the price of it, seller’s profit margin and total monthly sales revenue. This feature comes as a chrome extension which comes in-built with the plans. Once you start to use it, it’ll no doubt help you in identifying what’s working best in the market for your competitors and how you can benefit from it.

Pricing of Viral Launch:

First of all, let’s begin by telling you that Viral Launch is offering a FREE trial so that you can try out the software before paying for it. This makes sure you can test the waters before jumping on it. It is totally risk-free!

Moving on, they have 4 major paid plans for the software. Those are:

  1. Beginners Research Kit
  2. Pro Seller
  3. Brand Builder
  4. Kinetic

The beginner’s research kit is great for people who’re just starting out and looking to find a great product idea to sell to the market. It costs $50/month when billed annually.

Pro seller plan is something more advanced and is suitable for people who want to go beyond finding high-performing products. It costs $83/month when billed annually.

The brand builder option is best when you’re looking to also build your brand along the way and automate certain things. It is priced at $125/month when you pay annually.

On the other hand, the Kinetic plan is tailored for already established brands that are looking to maximize organic and PPC profits. It costs $208/month when billed annually.

On a side note: You can opt to pay per month if you don’t wish to pay annually, but it’ll cost more in the long run. So, I would recommend sticking with the annual option and save a decent amount of money.

All the plans include an expert quality 24/7 support service that’ll help you hand in hand whenever you encounter any doubts or problems.

Viral Launch Coupon Code 2022:

Currently, there is a mind-blowing offer going on that lets you grab Viral Launch for a 15% OFF. You can use the discount code (Stars) and activate your offer. In addition, you can regularly visit their coupons page that lists new promo codes every month. I would like to also repeat that you can avail their free trial too + get 2 months for free when you pay for any plans annually. That is so cool!

Offers and discounts like this usually don’t come twice so it would be wise to make use of it while it is still available.


If you ask me about this, We National Honest Index would say Viral Launch is a spectacular tool that can help you make the most out of selling on Amazon and other platforms. It is one the most complete tools out there and I would happily give it an impressive 9.9/10. If you’re really struggling with selling your products, this is the tool that can ease the burden off your shoulders. Be sure to use the discount code given above and also utilize the 2 free months. We hope you found this review helpful. Thanks for reading!

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