One Funnel Away Challenge Review (2023)

One Funnel Away challenge is a great way to learn marketing strategies. Sales funnel and marketing funnel tracking enables users to generate leads for their business quickly. Funnel marketing is a process that requires a lot of dedication and time commitment. Users have to spend tons of hours researching about the same to make the most. The one Funnel away challenge is a process that helps you to set up your first-ever sales funnel.

One Funnel Away Challenge Review

It is a great learning process for users who want to boost their startups. People who want to grow their business online should try this out. In this guide, we will try to offer you an in-depth review of this process.

What is the One Funnel Away Challenge?

The one Funnel away challenge is a video course that helps you kickstart your online business. The founder Russel Brunson is a known marketer in the field. He offers countless video lectures on the sales funnel process. It is ideal for readers who want to learn in-depth about the marketing process from the pros. You get knowledge about everything from start to finish. It is the best way to figure out how to expand your business to newer markets.

How Does the One funnel away Challenge Work?

How Does the one funnel away Challenge Work

The challenge is a step-by-step process that guides you through the nooks and crannies of marketing. It is a small one-time investment that pays off the dividends quite well in the future. The experts help you out with strategizing and then implementing your strategies over your course. The system works on three main pillars of any planning process. You gain knowledge that helps you execute things and then remain accountable. Multiple people participate together in the competition, and the winner takes it all. You get the right kind of push for the process and increase your outreach.

Benefits of the One Funnel Away Challenge:

Any readers must want to know why they should spend money on yet another course. Well, the answer lies straight in the benefits. The challenge is a great learning curve for all new marketers. It is relevant now more than ever for all our readers. Here are the top benefits that you can get out of the One Funnel Away Challenge.

Benefits of the One Funnel Away Challenge

1. Learn new marketing concepts

Marketing is a field that always remains fresh. You can expect the field to grow over the years dramatically. There are new trends that can be helpful. The Funnel away challenge gives you regular insights into what is relevant for your organization. As an upcoming business, it can be quite hard to reach new regions. Marketing concepts are crucial for your learning. The one funnels way to challenge the consulting team will always be there to support you through the journey. Their insights are helpful, and the daily tasks are a necessity for everyone.

2. Community platform

The One Funnel away challenge is a community platform for your growth. It enables you to gain access to a pool of enthusiastic business owners. You can network quite easily with the help of this service. It highly increases your chances of engaging heavily with excellent new partners. There are additional benefits like community challenges and team-building sessions as well. It helps you in the holistic development process.

3. Access to resources

The One Funnel away challenge does not stop at webinars and video courses. They offer you daily workbooks and tasks. It helps you remain accountable and implement the plans. Through the challenge, you can push your boundaries. Since you are going to be competing with other people, it becomes crucial to be highly participative. The guidebooks are also helpful in learning more about the process.

These are some of the benefits that you can gain from working on the platform. You must follow the multidimensional course. It is your investment, and as the investor, you have to make the most out of it.

Is the one Funnel Away Challenge Suitable in 2023?

The challenge has been up and running since 2019. Many readers might think that the course is old and useless. The reality is that the team is continuously working to keep it fresh. There is new information available on the platform every day.

Funnel Away Challenge Suitable for 2021

Users can interact directly with the consultants and get personalized help for their business. You also get a certification at the end of your course. Overall it gives you a push to set up the base for your marketing. It can be useful for any significant business model. Sales funnels are a complicated process to create. In this guide, we will take a look at how you can win the best bets.

What Does Funnel Away Challenge Include?

What Does Funnel Away Challenge Include

The one Funnel away challenge is a five-week-long course that guides you through every step of online marketing. Here is a list of what every week is going to offer you.

Week 1 – PreTraining

Week 1 is full of preparation for what’s about to come. You can build a framework for your marketing from scratch. It gives you a perspective on who to challenge. The first week helps you create a map for the rest of the challenge. You are responsible for deciding the roadmap for your success. As a business owner,e it is crucial for you to have significant outreach in your day-to-day activities.

Week 2 – Trial and errors

The second week is all about trying out your strategies. The challenge gives you a platform to learn, fail and grow. As the saying goes, we learn the most from our mistakes. Every business, product, or service needs a story to sell.

Week 2 helps you perfect this story. It is a crucial part of any selling process.

Week 3 – The Funnel

Week 3 is all about learning from mistakes and making amends. You can truly explore your potential. You will have a rough idea about what works and what doesn’t. Users can find more clarity on how to build a sales funnel. It helps you to start increasing the number of conversions that you can gain. You can generate more leads for the process and increase your sales.

Week 4 – Make it rain

The phrase makes it rain refers to increasing your conversions. It is a marketing strategy that will enable you to sell to the leads. The process is crucial for getting people on your site. The more clicks and registrations you get, the merrier. Traffic is the king of the modern-day internet. The fourth week is all about implementations and getting people on board. As you start getting visitors, the probability of sales also increases. You also get to learn a lot in detail about the different types of traffic.

Week 5 – The Next 90 Days

Marketing doesn’t stop after the five-week-long courses. As a business, you always have to be up to speed with the latest trends. Russel Brunson helps you find the plan of action for the next few months. It includes everything from scratch. Once the course ends, you won’t have to start from scratch. Users will have a strong base for their success.

These offer you an insight into what the challenge holds for every participant. We explain the process in brief here. You can truly experience it once you join the challenge.

Cost of One Funnel away challenge:

The One funnel away challenge is a small one-time investment. You can learn a lot through the coursework. It will cost you $100 to enter the challenge. The outcome that you get out of the process is, however, priceless. It all depends on the implementation strategies that you take up. Readers need to try this out regularly. Active participation is the key to success in this challenge.

Cost of One Funnel away challenge

The bonus of joining the challenge:

The bonus of joining the challenge

There are tons of bonuses when you join the challenge. Here are some of the bonuses you can get out of the process.

  • One Funnel Away challenges MP3 players.
  • T-shirts and merchandise.
  • Access to the funnel hacker community.
  • 30 Days challenge book.
  • Customized plans for your business

These are some of the many amazing bonuses you will get through this challenge. Try it out today and receive tremendous benefits.


The one Funnel away challenge offers you more significant insights into the day-to-day marketing challenges. As a fellow marketer, I can understand the learning curve funnel marketing brings to the table. It is a great way to brush up on your skills. Starting from scratch helps you with an option to find your calling. Now you can make the most out of this process.

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