Thrive Architect Discount 2023 – $30 Coupon Code [June Update]

Thrive Architect is a very easy and exciting tool that helps you to visually build a webpage without much investment of your time. It has tried to cut loose all the fences in a business idea that has been leaching in your head while continuing corporate activity. Thrive Theme was founded in 2013 by Shane Melaugh (Marketing Expert) and Paul McCarthy (a tech fanatic). Thrive Themes is one of the most favored applications on the platform of web page building in 2019. This application is needed by people making money through an affiliate marketing approach.

Thrive Architect Discount 2022 – Detailed Review

You must be amazed to know about the features that Thrive Architect offers. With its 220 pre-made templates and the ability to craft and decorate the homepage; one can easily create an engaging website. You must be satisfied to hear that it is narrated with some advantageous features.

1. Conversion-Focused Pages from Templates:

It enables professionals to create pages that can be fully optimized for easy conversion. Thrive Architect offers a range of templates that can match their startup needs. The template library is packed with elements such as countdown timers, forms on lead generation, and customizable buttons.

2. Mobile Responsive Page:

Thrive Architect also offers the features to create mobile responsive web pages. It assists professionals to modify web pages accordingly to different screen sizes and layouts. The plug-in has 3 mobile-friendly features which can be used to build unique pages.

3. Social Share:

Thrive Architect offers the click-to-tweet feature that makes it one of the best in the market for web page development. It helps the user to quickly draw followers. Make it easier for customers to share your posts on Facebook, and Google+ also.

4. Countdown Timers:

If you are running any kind of time-bound offers, you can use this tool to show your customers or followers the timetable for that. This is highly used to create a fear of shortage and make a good sale off of it.

New Features Added in Thrive Architect:

We listed 4 new features that are added to Thrive Architect in a recent update. Do read below.

1. Advanced features to expand creativity:

The page builder is equipped with some advanced features that it allows their users to decorate web page with more than 700 custom fonts. However, images and texts can conveniently combine as per corporate requirements. Gradient overlays can also be applied so that the text on any image can be seen clearly.

2. Landing Page Templates:

Thrive Architect classifies their landing pages in the form of template sets. In the template library, there are 40 Landing Page templates at the time of writing.

3. Customizing template:

After choosing a template, you can customize it too with the WYSIWYG visual editor.

4. Add Videos:

With Thrive Architect you can embed Youtube, Vimeo, or self- hosted videos on your web page.

Thrive Architect discount does not limit its services within this! Other characteristics are aligned with:

  • Drag and Drop Editing
  • Vertical Split Layout
  • Full-Width Layouts
  • Opt-in Page
  • Hover Effect
  • Webinar Pages
  • Sales Pages
  • Animations
  • Glossy magazine look with flexible layout and fonts

Thrive Architect Pricing & Plans:

Thrive Architect offers its customers 3 different subscriptions based on coupon codes. The basic plan starts from $67 (4757INR approx) for a single site and $97 (687INR approx) for 5 licenses or it can go up to $147 (10437INR approx) for 15 licenses.

Some features come up in common with all the subscriptions:

  • Includes all the features of Thrive Architect
  • 274-page templates
  • Free updates (Unlimited)
  • 1 year of customer support

Thrive Architect, unfortunately, never offered coupon codes or Black Friday deals for the products they offer. One can find several links on Thrive Theme discount, but they are very misleading. However, you can avail of discounts at least after buying their membership packages. The basic idea behind this is to get more when you buy more.

You can get access to all the themes from Thrive Themes at a payment of just $19/month while choosing the payment mode to be either quarterly or annually, but with an annual payment, you can avail of the 24% discount on Thrive Theme. Fair pricing for every customer is their highest priority.

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Best Plugins you can avail with the membership:

  • Full package of Thrive Themes Plug-in (Thrive Themes, Thrive Landing Pages, Thrive, Architect, Thrive Quiz Builder, Thrive Ovation, Thrive Headline Optimizer, Thrive Clever Widgets, Thrive Leads, etc.)
  • Instant Access to the new plug-in
  • Exclusive Members-Only Courses, Templates, and new contents

Pros & Cons of Thrive Architect:

As is said before the product is highly functional and the team is constantly toiling on new updates and features. It is ready to be deployed for various applications.


  • Application is quite affordable
  • WordPress is required for the application to work; not like other cloud-based software.
  • Wide range of ready to use templates
  • Offers top class features that may require
  • Conversion focused for the need of generation
  • Allows to create mobile-friendly web pages
  • Never offers discounts for its products


  • It is tiring to make the page responsive
  • A separate plug-in is needed for A/B testing for which you have to spend $67 to buy Thrive Optimize (lifetime). We have also a piece of good news for you Thrive Architect now comes up with an add-on that allows the user to run a/b split tests without interfering with any code. This add-on is called Thrive Optimizer. This works only with Thrive Architect, so you can buy the stand-alone version of the add-on or buy it with Thrive Architect as a bundle.

Thrive Architect Discount Code Benefits:

The question that may strike your mind is will this year’s Black Friday bring a Thrive Theme discount? Or What about the Christmas offers? Questions like these come up often at this time of year. But unfortunately, the answer is simply “no”. Thrive Architect does not entertain any kind of seasonal sales. There are certain reasons behind it too such as rapid implementation and congruent value. It is also important to know that Thrive membership is not a hosted solution which means you have to avail your domain, hosting, and WordPress.

If you want to save more it is advised that you must go for multiple websites so that with Thrive Architect plug-in you can avail of more discounts. To sum up, use Thrive Architect for the customers seeking maximum conversion and on the other hand, use other applications for much more fancy pages.

Is the Thrive Architect worth trying?

Now after getting to know all the Thrive Architect subscription packages and fruitless search for discount codes, let’s discuss whether Thrive Architect is worth trying or not. Quite interestingly Thrive Architect is the only modern web page builder that offers its users the ability of inline editing. It also helps to create a magazine-like blog post. The main strength that Thrive Architect holds is its combination with other email marketing and digital marketing tools.

Though it is a stern contender in the market of web page development, it also undeniably quite slow. The lack of speed in processing is a serious concern that cannot be brushed off. The slowness can be noticed even after optimized images or caching or trying other methods such as deferred CSS or theme CSS disabled. Some elements are missing compared to the other competitors in the market such as dedicated short code elements, pricing tables, image carousels without the use of bloated slider plug-in.


Since each business has a unique model, it is better to refrain from looking for single software that can deliver everything a user wants and needless to say it is not fruitful. Apart from offers and discounts, With Thrive Architect, Thrive has pioneered the market of building web pages with Thrive Content Builder in the year 2014. The visual editor is both easy to use and intuitive and the outcome is surely impressive. Creating visually catchy and engaging to its Content along with a beautiful presentation in WordPress has never been easier.

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