Webinarjam Coupon & Review [2023]

Webinarjam is a software platform that enables businesses to connect with the masses. It is an effective method of communicating information online. The desktop software will help to increase your sales and customer outreach. It is the perfect platform to develop your business. Conduct virtual seminars from the comfort of your home. As the world is in a lockdown, webinarjam can be your way to connect with everyone easily. Thousands of businesses use the premium marketing tool. The webinarjam software is used by Entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, and business owners to broadcast live content.

Webinarjam Coupon

In this article, we will review Webinarjam and provide you with discount codes or coupons. 

Webinarjam Coupon – Start $1 Trial for 14 Days

Webinarjam website doesn’t officially support any significant coupons. Users can, however, try out their services for an extremely affordable price of $1. The developers understand that anyone might find it challenging to make a payment of $499 to $999 upfront. This 14-day free trial can be a boon for businesses. Try out the services by activating this convenient plan. Here is our guide to enabling the offer on your devices. Follow the steps to install webinarjam on your device for cheap.

  • On your Windows device, open up your favorite browser. Now enter the following link to visit the webinarjam website
  • The link will take you to the official purchase page of the website. Here you can start your $1 Trial. Select the plan you want to opt for and press the start of my trial button.
  • Users need to make a payment of $1 on their account. Click on, and continue to enter your personal information. Here you will be required to register your billing details like name and number. Enter the correct credentials.
  • Once you have successfully entered all the correct details, make your payment. It will successfully create your account on the website. Users can make a payment only using a credit card.
  • Users will get their login details in the email account. Once the payment is made, users can start running the application for webinars. Check your details to start using the account on your device.

Congratulations! Now you can easily log in to the website to run live webinars for your viewers. 

Right after your registration, you will be prompted for an exclusive 30-day offer. It will provide you the Webinarjam services for another 30 days. So for $2, you can efficiently run the software for 44 Days. It is a sweet deal for such feature-rich software. 

Webinarjam Review: 

Webinarjam has a lot of premium features to offer its users. It is the perfect platform for businesses and enterprises to connect with their customers. Online stores can benefit a lot from a service like this. Today we will take an in-depth look at everything that can be done using webinarjam. This review will provide you with all the information and how beneficial the service can be in reality. 

Creating Webinars:

Webinars are the front and center of this premium service. Users can benefit a lot by connecting with their viewers. The website enables users to set up a webinar in two unique ways. 

1. Express setup

The Express setup is beneficial for users who want to stand with a webinar quickly. It doesn’t have a lot of customization options but will get the job done. It is useful when you are in a hurry to present. The specific settings help you sort out the necessary details and let the wizard do the work. 

2. Full Configuration

This setup type helps you meticulously plan a webinar effectively. Users can add all the minor necessary details. It will take some time to set up but helps you get perfect results. 


The analytics feature helps you keep track of your webinar output. It helps measure many tangible and intangible products. Users can measure the success of their presentations through this dashboard. Some popular analytics tools include – 

1. Traffic

Here you can measure the number of people who joined your webinar. It allows users to check the conversion of registrations to actual visitors. 

2. Engagement

It is a graphical measurement of the engagement of the viewers. It helps to put things into perspective. The users can check how many people attended the life, viewed the replay, watched the complete webinar, and much more. It helps to check how much people liked the presentation. 

3. Monetization

This tool helps you calculate the amount of money earned during the webinar. Users can sell virtual tickets for their webinar using webinarjam. All the amount is provided here. It helps you keep track of the revenue per webinar. It is a useful tool for online motivational speakers who do pay sessions. 

Webinar Tools:

The actual webinar for presenters is a unique story of its own. The one running the show can join using the link for presenters. It will give you all the administrator access to the webinar client. Users can enjoy the multiple features present here. Let’s have a look – 

1. Dashboard

A webinar dashboard is a helpful tool that will ensure the smooth delivery of sessions. You have multiple options here. It can be your guide to finding the flow of your live presentations. It includes all the webinar settings and management tools. Add your displays, and products, and drop live offers during a webinar through this dashboard. 

2. Camera and Mic

The webinar starts by checking your network connection and hardware. It is necessary to ensure a flawless session. The camera and mic are the heart and soul of any webinar. This feature is essential for users who want quality checks.

3. Whiteboard

The whiteboard feature is beneficial when you have to make impromptu additions. It is a useful feature for people who are delivering teaching sessions. The whiteboard can help you draw over live presentations as well. Adjust the transparency to overwrite. It works best when paired with a Wacom tablet. The stylus can help you add inputs seamlessly.

4. Panic Mode

The panic mode feature helps you reboot the live webinar at any given point. If you find that the stream is lagging, bugging, or not working, then use this feature. It is a fail-safe mechanism to ensure quality services.

5. Share desktop screen

Any virtual meeting or webinar software enables you to share screens. Webinarjam allows users to run a live stream of their computer screens efficiently. It is useful when you have to provide a tutorial for a computer application or tool. 

Record and Replay your webinar:

The recording features are appreciated by many. It allows users to provide their registrations with the replay feature. A recording of the live webinar can also be useful for your personal use. Viewing the session delivery can help you improve for future requirements. 

The feature can help you integrate the webinar on your website. It will help you drive more traffic and benefit many people. Users can also choose an expiration date for the replay. You can support this to curb viewers from accessing paid webinars all the time. 

Sell products

Users can add their premium products up for sale through the webinar. It is a great way to sell your services to the viewers.  Online businesses will love this feature. Add all the necessary product details and provide the live watchers with an irresistible offer. 


Webinarjam users can get people to register for their live webinar. It is a useful way to restrict the number of people joining. The registration feature gives the viewers a sense of exclusivity. 

The premium features are available only when you sign up to view the webinar. Users can send links through emails. The website also provides you with website embed codes. It can help to add an interactive countdown to your site urging viewers to register as soon as possible. 

Customer Support:

Webinarjam ensures that all users get access to their premium services. Customer support is on their toes 24X7 to provide you with the best results. Users can raise a support ticket to get a fix for their problems. 

It is a must-have feature in any premium service. A professional business is judged for its product as well as its after-sales services. The more downtime on webinarjam, the higher the chances of losing money. 

3RD Party Integration:

Webinarjam is a service that is centered on online businesses. The product has made provisions to ensure high-quality services for website owners. It integrates well with many popular web development tools and E-Commerce services. 

Users will enjoy the tracking features and API settings to get an excellent user experience. It works perfectly with online automated email services. These help you to easily send registration links for your webinar to the masses with one click. 

Design features:

The website enables customization to a much higher level. Users can choose their webinar design from a list of fantastic options available. Find the perfect room design depending on your products and webinar type. You can also create custom designs for the same. There are also recommendations for the countdown page. These are high-quality designs and provide viewers with a professional feeling. It helps you get more legitimacy when you deliver your sessions. 

Miscellaneous features:

The services are well thought out, and the features don’t seem to end. Here is a list of all the different elements that we found while reviewing the product. Take a look to see which one is your favorite – 

  • Polls: The ability to vote during the webinar is provided to the users through this feature. It helps you take general sensing throughout the presentation. The feature helps to make your webinar more engaging and interactive. Viewers love to feel that they are an active part of any session. It helps mimic the impromptu in-person conversations. Add your question and provide your viewers with the answers in multiple options.
  • Add Videos: The video integration feature is beneficial to provide an opener for your webinar. Many presenters use this at the very beginning or end of the webinar. It helps you to give a classy introduction and leave the viewers with something to think about at the end.
  • Test webinar: These are pre-webinar tests that are necessary to ensure a flawless session. The test run can prove beneficial to fix issues with your delivery. Users can also test their audio and video quality while running the webinar.
  • Branded links: Get your customizable registration link. It is useful for online businesses. You can promote your brand or website through this feature. Big-name brands and companies will enjoy this feature to get more recognition. It also prompts users to remember the registration link and sign up.
  • GDPR Standards: GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation is a necessity these days. The European Union has mandated all online social forums comply with these conditions. Webinarjam enables you to comply with the standards. It is a necessity for all legal and registered brands who want to conduct sessions.
  • Chatlog: The chat log feature enables the presenter and moderator to check viewer comments. It is a must-have feature for users who want to improve their products. It also helps in checking the engagement and interest of the viewers in the presentation.

Our Verdict:

Webinarjam caters to a specific audience. Online businesses and motivational speakers will love this service. The platform is the best way to capitalize on your audience and earn money. It helps you to connect with thousands of viewers at once. You can run your sessions throughout the day. The website makes it easy for influential people and businesses to sell their products. It is the perfect mass marketing tool. The webinar service can also be used for informational sessions. 


Webinarjam has got the users a lot to offer. Premium services can cost a fortune to many, but they will surely give you returns. There are three unique plans for users to check out. These can help you get started in your online business. It is the perfect platform to connect with your future customers. The webinar tool features are amazing and have a solution for every scenario. Through this guide, we aimed at covering all aspects of the application. We hope that this solved all of your queries.

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